Every guest is required to follow these Riverside Resort & Hotel Usage Regulations to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for the guest as well as the hotel’s public image. When the guest is not in compliance therewith, Riverside Resort & Hotel shall have the right to cancel the relevant accommodation contract in accordance the hotel terms and conditions.

  1. A guest shall not use the guest room for any purpose other than accommodation without the permission of the hotel.
  2. A guest shall not lease their guest room to others without permission of the hotel.
  3. A guest shall not use their guest room or lobby as a sales office (i.e, bringing their own products for sale; or inviting
    prospective buyers to the hotel)
  4. A guest shall not use heating equipment, cooking equipment, press irons, or any other equipment that may cause fire in the premises of the hotel (except for the equipment installed, provided or permitted by the hotel for the guest’s usage).
  5. To ensure fire prevention, a guest shall not smoke in bed, or any other place where a fire could easily break out and any place other than those designated by the hotel.
  6. A guest shall not cause any nuisance, trouble or inconvenience to other guests with actions such as shouting, singing, or noisy acts in the hotel and/or guest room thereof.
  7. A guest shall not bring into the Hotel the following objects: animals and birds; objects with an offensive odor; excessively large amount of objects; flammable or combustible materials and/or solvents, such as gunpowder and volatile oil; firearms, blades, drugs or other objects the possession of which is prohibited and not permitted by law; or other objects deemed by the hotel to be hazardous to the safety or comfort of other guests.
  8. A guest shall not conduct gambling or other acts which may be offensive to public order and morals in the premises of the hotel.
  9. guest shall not invite any visitor who is not a guest of the hotel into their guest room.
  10. A guest shall not use the facilities or objects in the premises of the hotel for any purpose other than those they are originally intended for.
  11. A guest shall not take the objects in the premises of the hotel outside the hotel or relocate them to another location inside the premises of the hotel.
  12. A guest shall not attach any object to the structures of the hotel or the facilities in the premises of the hotel or relocate them to a different location.
  13. A guest shall not hang any object or article on or by the windows giving rise to defacement of the exterior appearance of the hotel.
  14. A guest shall not distribute advertising materials or sell goods to other guests or conduct soliciting activities such as collecting donations or signatures from guests in the hotel.
  15. A guest shall not leave shoes or other personal belongings in the hallways or lobby of the hotel.
  16. A guest shall not bring into guest rooms food or beverages whether serviced outside guest rooms by the hotel, or bought by the guest that exceeds a reasonable amount or content thereof. Furthermore, a guest shall not order food or beverages from delivery services.
  17. A guest shall contact the front desk of the hotel in advance to change their number of days of stay for accommodation.
  18. In the case of an extension of stay, the guest shall pay the accommodation charges for such extended period at the time of application thereof.
  19. The breakfast offered by the hotel shall be consumed at the areas designated by the hotel.
  20. Guests should make sure to bring out valuables and expensive objects and not leave them in their guest rooms when leaving.
  21. No discounts or refund of the accommodation charges shall be provided, if the guest chooses not to have breakfast offered by the hotel.